Free Rootkit Removers

Free Rootkit Removers

After penetrating into your computer, a virus will usually make an attempt to spread and to damage the host.

Certain elements such as files, processes, registry entries and network connections are considered to be the favorite place of rootkits infection which is aimed at their hiding out from the user and other programs while being very difficult to detect. According to a leading software development company in Edinburgh, Intellicore, this method is used both for good and malicious purposes. You must know your computer well in order to delete these legitimate objects.

Many Windows system rootkits are aimed at viruses hiding without being noticed by your security applications. One more thing rootkits, unfortunately, are very effective at this and you might be completely sure PC is totally clean being infected.

Today, a lot of anti-rootkits programs exist, but unfortunately far from all of them are for Windows 10 yet.

Much of this software require the attention of advanced experts in computers and operating systems. Nevertheless, there are some products not requiring much technical ability but which are rather effective at the same time.

Dr. Web Cure It

Dr. Web Cure It is an effective free malware scanner and removal tool and not a standalone anti-rootkit tool like the previous ones. It is just for benefit to have more than one removal tools and Dr. Web’s freeware scanner perfectly suits to this purpose as it removes much more than rootkits, and it does this very well. Network traffic increasing, performance decreasing or an unknown process running is common rootkit penetration symptoms. Modern bandwidth networks and high performance computers hamper noticing of any signs of rootkit. To be unworried about rootkit existence on your PC it is important to practice prevention as well as detection and assurance of having a good Firewall and HIPS combo. The methods mentioned are the best approach toward preserving your computer from rootkits.

Sophos Anti-Rootkit

Sophos Anti-Rootkit leads the list. There is a small and simple for utilizing interface with an options allowing to chose object for scanning. While scanning a bit larger interface with lists of scanning results and the information on each result as well as a kind of recommendation for them is opened. In addition, a file explained the program is a bit more detailed and provides directions on the command line usage including anti-rootkits tools. The Sophos software is available for all Windows users as it provides simple and very effective anti-rootkit software.

F-Secure Blacklight Rootkit Eliminator

A copy of F-Secure Blacklight Rootkit Eliminator is really worth downloading as the application is still one of the best available rootkit removals though it is not supported anymore.


Unfortunately, the free version of Prevx offer less than the full version it is only real time virus detection. Cleaning such select infections as Adware, the ZEUS banking trojan, and MBR rootkits is in the capability of Prevx Free. The software alerts you of infection presence, though cannot remove all infections, and enable you to take further action for manually rootkits removing or can also provide you with a seek help in it. With Prevx you can power your regular anti-virus software and be always informed of a new threat. In addition, with Prevx Free customized scans can be run right from the context menu and you are given the possibility of scans schedule in the GUI to make sure of right working of your software security. Prevx Free version can also protect you of stored cookies and provides protection for all of your saved credentials. It also provides with a browser custom protection but on only one web site of your choice. The full Prevx Safe Online protection includes anti-phishing, fights with hijacks, keyloggers, and cookie stealers for a list of well-known websites like PayPal, CleverBridge, or Amazon and of the site chosen by you.

GMER and RootRepeal

GMER and RootRepeal are well known applications but the results interpreting takes someone good knowledge about computer systems. A great deal of documentation on both programs is available but if you but it is not for those who used to click the button of the scan waiting for the results. These persons’d better use either Sophos or F-Secure Blacklight. is one more rootkit removal tool. The device can be still downloaded on the F-Secure website and it is available for Windows Vista and XP. Kindly remember: Prevx/SafeOnline free version possesses such features as either restriction or disability of all components.

To decide if the program is suitable for own needs users should get to know the vendor’s description of version downloaded.

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