Giant Anti-Spyware

Giant Anti-Spyware

The Giant Software Company first released its Giant anti-spyware program in 2004 as a tool for computer users to download for protection against further spyware infections. The Giant Anti-spyware program was one of the first spyware tools with features that blocked new spyware threats and alerted users of the new threats that could have otherwise installed themselves on the computer. The software company charged $29.95 for a one year subscription with updates to the Giant Anti-spyware program.

The threats of spyware continue to grow as the malicious applications find different ways to infect computers. A spyware infection on your computer could be signaled by browser crashes and a change in your browser start page while other invasive spyware installs itself silently and tracks your usage and internet movement. Important and private information kept on a home or business computer can be extracted and recorded by spyware which will then release your information to advertisers or use it for identity theft.

The multitude of angles spyware can take to infect your computer calls for a strong program to battle the threats. Giant Anti-spyware was one of the first spyware tools to offer proven effectiveness in catching infected files through a scan and keeping new threats from invading the computer system by using “real-time” protection. In comparison tests done by PC web sites the Giant Anti-spyware program was rated above many of the other popularly known spyware removal tools. In the test the Giant Anti-spyware download would detect and remove more “critical” files than other removal tools, although it was not able to catch every file installed for testing.

Any anti-spyware tool is best if used with other spyware removal programs so more if the infected files are identified and dealt with. The innovative tools Giant Anti-Spyware used to protect computers from spyware set it above others. Giant Anti-spyware has three ways to catch, stop or remove spyware from your computer. First, the normal scan and remove feature is included. Real-time protection provides the most important tier in protection because it is easier to stop an invasion than to have to remove files once they have already been maliciously infected. Most unique about Giant Anti-Spyware is its community base network which allowed for input from a network of users through Spynet.

Once Microsoft vowed to join in the battle against the growing spyware threats they chose to join with Giant Software and use their technology to create an even more effective Microsoft anti-spyware program. Users who still have time remaining in their paid for year with Giant Anti-spyware still receive full service and support through Microsoft until the end of the year’s subscription. Microsoft used the knowledge of the Giant Anti-spyware programs and they embraced the unique features.

From all of this Microsoft was able to build and release their beta anti-spyware program which also includes active blocking and warning of potential spyware threats. Giant Anti-spyware also inspired Microsoft to include a spyware network option on their beta anti-spyware program. Microsoft’s anti-spyware built in part by Giant Anti-spyware is free to any windows users.

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