Why You Need a Spyware Guard

Why You Need a Spyware Guard

Computers infected with spyware have become a common occurrence, more so than computer’s with viruses. This is mostly due to the recent outburst of malicious spyware. Software companies are constantly releasing new and improved anti-spyware programs to battle the prevalent spyware threats. The first anti-spyware tools were in the form of scan, detect and remove software. While that is still a common and useful method of catching and ridding of annoying and detrimental spyware the features of anti-spyware tools have improved to provide constant protection against infections. Programs such as Spyware Guard work almost identical to modern anti-virus software, the only difference being Spyware Guard, of course, scans program files for spyware infections.

Spyware Guard is a freeware download released by Javacool Software. The anti-spyware program offers computer users real-time protection against spyware that can invade your private information. A spyware infection can cause pop-ups to appear on your computer more often. The private information spyware gathers from your computer is also sold to advertisers who use it to solicit products to you through spam email and pop-ups. Identity theft can be one of the more serious consequences of spyware invasion. Spyware can also take control of actions done on you computer, such as browser crashes and start page changes. To stop these spyware invasions Spyware Guard offers protection beyond the usual scan and remove method. Aside from the generic spyware scanning done to delete infected files, Spyware Guard scans each file for spyware before it is opened, just as most anti-virus software does. If a program or file is found to be infected with spyware, the Spyware Guard program blocks access to that file until the computer administrator/user chooses what action to take so the spyware file may be replaced or removed. Spyware Guard works by scanning EXE and CAB files.The real-time protection provided by Spyware Guard also prevents spyware defined in their database from downloading itself onto your computer while you are surfing the internet. This way malicious spyware is stopped before it is ever allowed to begin running on your computer.

Javacool’s Spyware Guard software is also well known for its ability to prevent browser hijacking. To keep protection at its peak performance, Spyware Guard can provide automatic, live updates if users choose to utilize that feature. Through the live updates the newest defined spyware is added to Spyware Guard’s database so new spyware threats are not let into your computer.

Reviews given by computer users who have tried the freeware program Spyware Guard recommended the software for its strength in recognizing browser hijack threats before other anti-spyware programs being run at the same time. Both Spyware Guard users and the software’s provider mention using other anti-spyware scan and removal tools in conjunction with Spyware Guard for maximum protection against all possible spyware threats. Javacool Software said Spyware Guard was designed to be used on computers with Windows software and should be compatible with the most recent Windows programs.

Spyware Guard should also work well with anti-virus software running at the same time.

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